Prepaid Electricity Vending in Emerging Markets

Prepaid Electricity continues to dominate the electrification agenda across Africa. With the advent of prepaid electricity billing where digital meters are used to help consumers manage their own electricity by buying electricity tokens either from shops or through mobile payment solutions such as Mobile Money, EcoCash, M-PESA, Airtel Money, MTN Money, etc., the inefficiencies of running out of power tokens/credits (just like phone airtime credit) has become a reality to many households in several emerging economies.

A good proportion of users stay for hours without electricity due to lack of sufficient funds to purchase electricity tokens

  • High incidences of lack of power during some emergency/unplanned situations, e.g. at night
  • High opportunity loss to generate revenue by the Electricity Supply Company (ESC)
  • Generation of wasted electricity due to the lack of liquidity by end users, and the inability to store electricity once supplied to the main grid therefore creates a sunk cost for the Electricity Supply Company.

With ECS

Electricity distribution uninterrupted; Power, Anytime, Anywhere

  • More electricity is consumed by Users without immediate funds, thanks to ECS Loan service
  • High flexibility and convenience across the day and the calendar month
  • Opportunity loss minimized further, since users can borrow electricity to pay later
  • Maximizing the ratio of the used/produced electricity by the Electricity Supply

Service Overview

Electricity on Credit Service (ECS) is a mobile-first emergency electricity (token) service that offers prepaid electricity customers with easy-to-access and affordable prepaid electricity (token) loans repayable upon their next electricity (token) purchase.

Value Proposition

  • Electricity on Credit Service (ECS) provides emergency prepaid electricity to prepaid electricity meter households on a 24/7/365 basis.
    • ECS will enable DisCos to sell prepaid electricity on credit at Anytime, Anywhere.
    • The advanced prepaid electricity amount will be recovered automatically upon the next prepaid electricity purchase for the same prepaid meter.
    • TCS-ComzA will absorb all the risk associated with the ECS Service via an upfront stock
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