Power Distribution Business Support Service (PDBSS)

Our integrated solution on which the strategic and revenue assurance goals power distribution enterprise is actualized to the fullest. An array of applications that can work independently or as an integrated unit to align with the business needs and choices – One middleware with all the answers

Features of PDBSS

Electricity distribution uninterrupted; Power, Anytime, Anywhere

  • Easy Integration: Fully automated and customisable, designed to work seamlessly with existing CRM and ERP infrastructure. Automating business processes using PDBSS is a rewarding experience.
  • Revenue Assurance: Automation blocks revenue leakage with the integration of smart meters with payment alternatives leading to better collection efficiencies, cost savings, and resource optimisation. Tampering and illegal connections are detected and power theft is addressed efficiently through system integration and effective monitoring mechanisms.
  • Business Intelligence: Reports along various dimensions specifically designed to meet customer requirements, corporate policy and hierarchy. Roles and permissions are administered efficiently. Decision making is enhanced for Disco and Collection Partners alike.
  • Value Added Service: Cutting-edge mobile services delivered via USSD and a mobile application ensure the efficient use of manpower and scarce resources where they are really needed.

    Endless possibilities with Value Added Services – Meter validation, Unit and Account balance check, Token Retrieval, Token Vending, Remote Token Loading, Postpaid Payments, Meter Status Check etc.

Our Culture

Ensuring tailor-made integration using global best practices is our hallmark. The customer is carried along from project initiation to rollout. Continuous improvement is the fabric of our culture.

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PDBSS Product Overview