Our services include provision of support services for DisCo's, importation of power related equipment, supply and installation of prepaid meters and other related services.

  • Supply and installation of prepaid meters: Procure NERC approved prepaid meters and get it properly installed by our trained and certified installers working in conjunction with the DisCos
  • Sale of disco recharge credits: Procure your recharge from any of our channels to reload your power units and enjoy continuous supply of power.
  • Provision of support credit: In the event you do not have cash, or in the middle of the night and you run out of power credits (tokens), do not worry, we have you covered.¬†Our service allows you to access token on a credit basis and restore power, and automatically paying it back on your next top-up.

The service is offered through two main user interfaces; Short Message Service (SMS) and Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD). Upon meeting the eligibility rules, a customer can make an automated token purchase on credit request using the interface of preference. The system will immediately load the token onto their account, ready for use. Repayment is automatically retrieved as soon as the customer performs their next recharge.

Electricity on Credit Service

Power Distribution Business Support Service

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